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Visible effects of orgone on the atmosphere

Visible effects of a cloud-buster (and also other orgonite devices) on cloud formations and climate in general are easily observable.

The CB was one of the first devices invented by Don Croft. By combining the approach of Wilhelm Reich, who was using long pipes to affect the atmosphere, and the newly found properties of orgonite Don created the orgonite CB (also called a chembuster).

This device is primarily meant to eliminate chemtrails in high-altitude (10 000 ft and above), by removing the DOR generated by the toxic sprayings. Beside these effects, we realized over the years that the CB could break droughts, clean the atmosphere, eliminate smog and help re-establish a natural balance in the climate. These effects are better achieve when a CB is deployed in conjonction with a wide gifting campaign with TB's or HHG's. It is important to note that there is another class of field devices (which we call tactical orgonite) that is different from the products offered here (which are meant for personal use). Tactical orgonite is simplified and cheap.

By removing DOR (deadly, stagnant energy) at high altitude, weather can be lightened and moving, therefore productive. Slow-moving weather fronts that stay in place, or cloud-less clear blue skies that last for several days are signs or energy stagnation, or negative non-productive energy. Often, a CB will create a "blue hole" in the clouds right above over a radius of ten kilometers or more.

So here are some photos of blue holes obtained with a CB. The CB is a normal orgonite-based device, the difference being that its effect occur in the atmosphere above.

Visible effects of orgonite on chemtrail sprayings on September 13, 2005


arce en ciel orgone CB


Pictures from various contributors.


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Micro-climate of the cloud-buster

Photos and text by Philipe

Translation of an extract from the Quebec Orgone forum archives

I installed my CB a little while ago (thank you Denis) and I attentively observed the sky since.

The CB has an undeniable impact on chemtrails. However, it doesn't seem to always work, for 2 reasons. First, I feel that the sprayings have increased since I installed the CB, so it doesn't seem like the overall chemtrail presence was reduced. Second, when the wind blows it brings in a continuous flow of white shit and the CB is overwhelmed. A second CB would be needed.

However, when the wind is weak, even if they are spraying like crazy, the CB makes a very nice blue hole. It was the case yesterday. Here are some pictures.


The CB also has a clearly visible effect on the weather. It often created a cumulus-filled blue sky micro-climate.


Restoring a CB

This week-end I re-installed my large sugar-based CB, since water infiltrated the base during winter. The urethane-based varnish I used to seal it didn't resist due to the lack of elasticity of the material and temperature contraction/expansion. I used epoxy resin to seal it now, which should now last much longer. 

Due to lack of time, I wasn't able to restore the CB right away. It stayed in my workshop for a few days. Saturday I re-installed it, and I observed the following.

Unfortunately, the pictures do not properly illustrate the large blue hole I observed. And as I was working on the CB outside, 2 small planes flew right above in a 5 minute span.




2 pictures taken 1 hour apart after an intensive day of spraying

This photo was taken looking west on February 8 2006 at 16:06:58. 

We can see the sky filed with chemtrails. The metal pipes are from the CB. 


This second photo was taken on the same day at 17:37:20, in the same location as the first one, an hour and a half after the first shot. We can see the chemical trails are practically gone.


When I started observing chemtrails in my area and I hadn't started making orgonite, the sprayings would last 2-3 days in the sky. Anybody having observed the phenomenon at that time could confirm this.

The cloud-buster responsible for the results shown above:


Effects of orgonite on chemtrails



The cloud-buster eliminates chemtrails as shown below.

We can see 2 types of effect from a chembuster (cloud-buster) on chemtrails.

Roughly instant  (within 30 seconds to 2 minutes) dispersal of a chemical trail right above the CB

And a more gradual dispersal of these chemical clouds in a 10-30 km radio around the CB. This is a common phenomenon and it's easy to observe by anyone.



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