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Visible effects of orgone on chemtrails

Visible effect of orgone on chemtrail - photo report

It was near 1 pm, I went to work in the shop, to build some devices, the usual. Looked up in the sky, and I noticed a MASSIVE spraying operation. That was another attempt to cover the sky in our area, which is highly gifted with hundreds of TB's, other orgonite devices, and a CB.

At 1:15, I decided to take a couple of pictures, having received my new digital camera the same morning, I wanted to test it and document the effect of our devices on the chemtrails.



As you can see, they're furious apparently. They seem determined to cover the sky, which I must specify has been chemtrail free for many, many weeks due to our efforts.I've never seen before in my warrior career so many spew planes at once, in such a short amount of time.

Determined to not let them have it their way, and see things getting worse, I made a call to the Sylphs, the operators, whatever you call them is fine... Right away, the wind picked up... We then notice the trails being pushed towards the south.

At 2h15, I decide to take another round of shots:



30 minutes later, it's all clear:

So let see






south-south-east direction





Pretty cool, huh?

by sdbmark

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