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About Orgone: How it works

QUEBEC ORGONE was founded in 2003, Quebec Orgone quickly positioned itself as a leader in the field of orgone. Over the years we have reached a high level of mastery and perfection in the manufacture of orgone generators and which remains to this day often copied but never equaled. We have developed a range of unique products such as advanced wellness tools as well as field orgone. Recognized as a benchmark in the field, we continue with ambition and excellence to pursue our commitment to humanity. With thousands of satisfied customers and countless lives transformed, Quebec Orgone is proud to offer products that are effective and make a difference in your environment by transmuting harmful energies into beneficial ones.

OUR MISSION is to contribute to the well-being and personal growth of everyone. To do this, we provide the necessary resources and information to enable interested parties to inform themselves, understand and become aware of the issues surrounding them, individually and collectively. We believe in the accessibility of technologies and the benefits of orgone, which is why we are committed to informing and promoting our products. Finally, we make every effort to create the best orgone generators in order to offer products and results of unparalleled quality to our customers.

OUR SHOP has been offering quality orgone products on this site since 2003, building a long relationship of trust and reliability with our customers. We take our work very seriously and we are here to answer your questions and needs. Our orgone generators, made from a mixture of metals, resin and crystals, are in fact etheric filters that transform ambient negative orgone (DOR) into positive orgone (POR). All our products are designed with NON-TOXIC epoxy resin.

The transformation of the surrounding negative energies into positive vital energy has many very tangible and observable effects, in particular at the level of effects on the cloud formations in the atmosphere. People particularly sensitive to subtle energies or generally attuned to their surroundings can easily perceive a relaxation of the atmosphere and a feeling of calm and serenity in the presence of all our orgone generators.

OUR EXPERTISE in designing and manufacturing is unmatched. We focus on making the best orgone generators, both in terms of energy quality and aesthetic quality. Our devices are carefully manufactured following proven and well-established construction principles. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing orgone generators, we are experts in our field and know how to deliver quality products to our customers. All our available devices are handmade by us in an environment surrounded by nature, with a lot of love and seriousness. In 2003, we were the first to disseminate information on orgone in French, as well as to offer orgone generators in Canada. In 2004, we were the first to offer orgone generators made with epoxy resin and among the first sellers to offer orgone pyramids. We are proud of our position as pioneers in the field and constantly continue to innovate to offer the best products to our customers.

Thank you for choosing Quebec Orgone!

"When we work with our hands, we are artisans. When we work with the head, we are technicians. When we work from the heart, we are professionals."

- Bill O'Brien

ORGONE is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy permeating everything. In some mystical traditions, orgone is also called "Ch'i", "Prana", "Ether", and ''Élan Vital" or "Fifth Element". This energy, in which reality is bathing and in which we are all evolving, can be encountered under various aspects. Mostly, two of them affect us directly:

#1 Positive Orgone Radiation (POR), this energy is alive and gives life.

#2 Dead Orgone Radiation (DOR)this energy is dead or stagnant.

NEGATIVE ENERGY is primarily created through negative thoughts, ideas, and actions such as judgments, lies, arrogance, and violence and also through the use of certain electromagnetic or radioactive technologies such as television, microwave, nuclear power, high-tension power lines, Wi-Fi router., cellphones towers ...etc

LIFE ENERGY exists in various forms. A concrete manifestation of positive orgone energy can be observed as a beautiful cumulus cloud. As an example, clouds are much more than just water vapor. They have concentrated orgone energy, the vapor itself being a material manifestation, and one of many facets, of orgone energy.

WILHELM REICH did a lot of research on the various properties and behavior of orgone energy. In the '50s, Mr. Reich died in prison, after having seen his laboratory and his work burned and destroyed (in the United States, in the 1950s) by authorities, who feared the truth, accuracy, and power of his research. The term orgone was coined by Wilhelm Reich, who was the first serious and dedicated scientist to investigate the existence and properties of this life energy, leaving aside mysticism to focus on a primary scientific approach to the idea.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES such as micro-waves, diseases, chemtrails, and destructive behavior are all good examples of negative orgone energy at work. Without negative orgone, these things cannot function, or even exist.

ORGONITE is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal shavings, epoxy or polyester resin, and minerals (quartz and others). It is a simple technology, derived and inspired from Reich's work and improved by Don Croft, which transmutes (purifies) DOR energy into POR. It is obtained by combining three ingredients: metal particles, polyester or epoxy resin, and minerals.

THIS TECHNOLOGY is proven since 2002, and thousands of individuals from all over the world have observed its effects and benefited from it. Some individuals have achieved results that could have been labeled as miracles in the past, such as de-polluting the water of Lake Ontario, breaking the drought in South Africa, and eliminating chemtrails across vast areas. When we realize that the situations above were caused etherically (causally) by the presence of DOR, and we understand that orgonite transmutes DOR into POR, these achievements no longer seem like miracles.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Metal both attracts and repulses negative DOR energy. This energy repeatedly goes through successive layers of metal and long carbon-based molecular chains (the RESIN). By doing so, the energy is excited and its vibratory level rises, purifying it. Crystals are primarily used to reduce the amount of metal-resin mix required to obtain an optimal filtration effect, while the stones and mineral "color" and direct the purified energy being output in the environment

 BEFORE the rise of mechanical doctrine a few hundred years ago (Newton and Co.), all traditions and religions spoke of the concept of an energy sea from which all material forms manifest. This same theme is found in Hinduism (prana), Buddhism, and Taoism (chi, Ki) in the traditions of the Far East. But the concept is also found in the West with the Greeks (ether).

RECENTLY, we see not only a resurgence of energy-based healing techniques such as reiki, but also a convergence of the results of advanced quantum physics with this "old world view." It seems that modern science is pointing to the same ancient idea that everything is connected, that an omnipresent and conscious form of energy exists... even if scientific institutions still categorically deny the existence of this energy and invalidate any concept of vital energy.

AT BEST we can only find empirical evidence, user reports, anecdotes, and theories. Due to the lack of current scientific research surrounding the field of orgone energy and the denial of its existence by modern education, it poses a great challenge to explain, in the absence of scientific data, the mechanical functioning of orgone generators and how these simple devices can transmute negative energy into positive energy.

THE MECHANICAL PRINCIPLE of the functioning of orgone generators has been the subject of long discussions on several internet forums over the years. There is no consensus and without a way to measure and quantify orgone energy and facing the denial of its existence by science, it is difficult to arrive at a detailed explanation based on facts.

LUCKILY, we and several other independent researchers have developed over the years different protocols to observe the concrete and visible effects of orgone generators. See you soon!