Orgone vs Orgonite

Orgonite is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal particules, polyester or epoxy resin, and minerals. 


Orgone is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy permeating everything. In some mystic traditions, orgone is also called  "Ch'i", "Prana", "Ether", 'Élan vital" ou "fifth element".

This energy, in which all the reality we evoluate in baths, can be encountered under various aspects. Mostly, two of them affect us directly:

1. Beneficial positive orgone (POR), this energy is alive and gives life.
2. Negative orgone, or more precisely dead or stagnant energy (DOR).

Negative energy is primarily created through negative thoughts and ideas, lies, violence and also through the use of certain electromagnetic or radioactive technologies such as tv, radio, micro-wave, nuclear power, high-tension power lines, etc.

The term orgone was coined by Wilhelm Reich, who was the first serious and dedicated scientist to investigate the existence and properties of this life energy, leaving aside mysticism to focus on a primary scientific approach to the idea.

So this life energy exists under various forms. A concrete manifestation of positive orgone energy can be observed as a beautiful cumulus cloud.

An an example, clouds are much more than just water vapor. They are concentrated orgone energy, the vapeur itself being a material manifestation, and one of many facets, of orgone energy. 

Rising cumulus clouds like these are a physical aspect of positive orgone energy.

Wilheim Reich did a lot of research on the various properties and behavior of orgone energy. In the 50's, Mr Reich died in prison, after having seen his laboratory and his work burned and destroyed (in the United States, in the 1950's) by authorities, who feared the truth and the power of his research. 

Certain electromagnetic frequencies, micro-waves, diseases, chemtrails, destructive behavior are all good examples of negative orgone energy at work. Without negative orgone, these things cannot function, or even exist.

We see here an orgonite cloud-buster in action, a device built to filter atmospheric energies. It dissipates this primarily negative cloud formation.

Orgonite is a simple technology, derived and inspired from Reich's work and improved by Don Croft, which transmutes (purifies) DOR energy into POR.

It is obtained by combining three ingredients: metal particles, polyester or epoxy resin and minerals (quartz and others).

This technology is proven since 2002, thousands of individuals having observed its effets all over the world. Some individuals have achieved feats that could have been labelled as miracles in the past, such as depoluting the water of Lake Ontario, break the drought in South Africa and eliminate chemtrails accross vast areas.

When we realize that the situations above where caused etherically (causally) by the presence of DOR, and we understand that orgonite transmutes DOR into POR, these achievements no longer seem like miracles.

Metal both attracts and repulses negative DOR energy. This energy then goes through successives layers or metal and long carbon-based molecular chains (resin) repeatedly. By doing so, the energy is excited and its vibratory level rises, purifying it. 

Crystals are primarily used to reduce the amount of metal-resin mix required to obtain an optimal filtration effect, while the stones and mineral "color" and direct the purified energy being output in the environment. 

This photo taken during our test shows the influence of orgonite on vegetation plant growth is easily doubled when exposed to orgonite orgone generators (right garden).