Ultra HHG and vegetation

Photos showing the impact of an HHG Ultra on vegetation
and primarily on two flower trays


Taken on October 24, 2006

Comments :


·         At the beginning of summer 2006, the cedar tree identified by a pink cross suffered severe damages caused by winter.

·         An HHG ultra from Quebec Orgone was placed near the roots of said cedar tree at the end o

·         After two months, positive results were seen.

·         After three months, notable results were seen.

o   The tree was showing signs of healing

o   We were surprised to notice that the flower tray nearest to the tree (5.5 feet away) was blooming with health. Lush, green leaves and vivid red flowers coupled with uncommon hardiness.

o   Surprisingly, on Friday october 20 2006, the first snow fall of the year occured, with a temperate around freezing point.The picture above was taken on october 24 and we can see the flowers near the HHG (left tray) are still healthy as opposed to the other tray which was really affected by the recent temperature drop.

·         It seems like the range of the HHG Ultra is about 10 feet in radius. After which, its influence progressively drops.

·         It is interesting to note that the trays are supported on the house, about 1.5 feet above the ground. This seems to indicate the effective field of the HHG Ultra is spherical in nature. Any object within this sphere is affected by the generator. We wonder if this sphere also penetrates the ground with the same volume and strenght.




Here's another picture taken on September 20th. You can still see the difference in growth.



[1] HHG Ultra bought from Quebec Orgone.