Visible effects of orgone on plants and vegetation

Having problems with your harvests, your garden or your plants? This technology can help as these photos and texts demonstrate. 

First controlled experiment on the effects of orgone energy on sprouts.

Comparative test on sprouts

Impact of an HHG Ultra on vegetation

Tests performed on two identical gardens on two consecutive years: Summer 2004 Summer 2005

After seeing the results of our 2005 garden experiment, a forum member went ahead and did a test on wheat sprouts.

"Wheat sprouts. The two pots were isolated in open tin cans (see picture)..

One contains a TB with the seeds placed on top, the other (control) contains a placeholder with the same height onto which the seed were placed. 

I placed the two pots in tin cans to isolate them from the HHG's that are in the apartment!"








Giant carambola

Edostar from Etheric Warriors shows a super carambola.

''We have a carambola tree in our garden, it produces pink flowers and a lot of fruits most of the time. I built a mini CB and placed it under the tree a month ago.''


Mark Bennet's experience on gardens.

Mark Bennett from England did some extensive research on the interaction between orgonite and the vegetal realm. He gave several TB's to volunteers wanting to perform tests with orgonite in their garden. Here's one of the results*:

"Baker was able to get his hands on the test vegetables and those exposed to orgonite last night. He took them and photographed them. Remember that the vegetables were grown in really poor soil and are still considerably larger than those grown in quality soil.I do not have the measurements and weights yet, this will come in a few weeks."

*translated back into English from a French translation of the original English text. We were unable to retrieve the original forum post, sorry.
-Mark Bennett


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