Visible effects of orgonite on ice and water

It's interesting to claim that etheric energy exists and permeates all aspects of everything that exists in the various physical spheres, but these affirmations do not mean anything if they are not backed by real data and demonstrable experiences in the field

More than permeating all mater, orgoone is the energetic base of matter. Being so, it can and does pass through any matter, with varying degree. A material can either decompose (negatively polarised orgone or DOR) or vivify it. With energy, there is no stasis. It affects and is affected by everything that comes in contact with it. 

We know that etheric energy can "be created" by manipulating matter, simply by uniting three elements: a quartz crystal, organic and inorganic matter. 

Orgone influences matter, according to the frequency, density and structure of this matter. To demonstate this, let's look at the following experiments.

Ice stalagmites

One of the most fascinating and interesting tests with etheric energy is to observe this very particular effect on water. Water is a liquid energy vibrating at a much higher frequency than solid matter. This phenomenon reflects the above statement that energy affects matter, independantly of its aspect in the physical sphere: solid, liquid or gaz.

To demonstrate the effect of etheric energy on matter, we can try the following experiment and make some really interesting ice crystals. To do the experiment, we need a cup of pure distilled water, a small bowl or ice tray, a freezer and some orgone generators (HHG or TB).

Place the orgone device (HHG) on top of the freezer, outside. Place a small amount of water in the bowl, an inch is enough, and put it in the freezer. To make sure the experience works, isolate the bowl or tray from any food in the freezer. The various poisons found in processed food and in meat tend to lower (or mobilise) the frequency of orgone, acting as a local inhibitor of etheric energy.

After about an hour, take the bowl or tray out and observe the stalagmites that were formed. 

You can break the ice and place it under your tongue for an energy boost. Another fascinating aspect of these stalagmites is how they ressemble the crystals in the orgone devices that are above the freezer.

If you have a magnifying glass nearby, you can observe structures, inclusions that appear in the ice and are usually quite surprising.

The center crystal

If the crystal inside the generator is a lemurian, the stalagmites will usually be longer in comparison with normal quartz which generates points half an inch long. Rose quartz tends to create a multitude of points, however we do not know why this happens yet.

This simpe experience demonstrates the permeating nature of orgone and its capacity to cross obstacles such as metal, peint, electric cables, freon, isolation, plastic and glass. Etheric energy is withheld by these elements - they absorb a part of the energy wave while it crosses - by it is not stopped completely.

All this makes sense when we realize that all matter is energy and vice-versa. Energy interacting with another more condensed form of energy lowers its frequency. Energy waves vivify the matter it crosses - animal, vegetal and mineral - and is "colored" in turn by this matter.

We know this because we experimented with various added elements that affect the flow, shape and scale or energy fields. As an example, by adding kyanite, a mineral element without quartz, the frequency of etheric energy is transposed higher on the diatonic scale, from F sharp (quartz only) to a C. This mutual effect between quartz and matter is one of the most fascinating aspects of working with orgonite. No doubt, more research is necessary and ongoing.

Have fun with this experience! Make sure you have a camera nearby, because these ice stalagmites evaporate quickly in a couple of seconds after being taken out of the freezer.

- by Cbswork.
Translated back into English from an French translation of the original text.
Unfortunately, the original English version could not be found.  

Cloud buster water

When ice accumulated inside the pipes of a cloud-buster freezes, we can see the energy field reflected in the ice.


The hollow part on the lower right is where the crystal point was in the CB.

These photos were sent by Philippe (thank you).


Experiment with tap water

It seems like distilled water is not required to observe interesting effets. Tap water with food coloring brings interesting results as you can see here:


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