Special Orgone Pyramid HHG - with Lemurian crystal

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Our devices are crafted following proven construction principles.
We've been crafting orgone generators for more than 10 years so we know what we're doing.

This is the latest addition to our orgone tool box, a really special orgone pyramid that contains a big Lemurian seed crystal coiled as you can see at the top. It also contains a new gemstone combination to ensure a strong, uplifting and positive energy output. We feel that this pyramid is great for indoor use as your primary orgonite tool. It is a piece you would want to keep nearby, in your bedroom or at work. Due to its compact size, its easy to travel with and to hold in one hand. Try giving it to someone upset and see how orgone can filter things out rapidly. Due to the particular gemstones used, its a potent healing tool as well.

3.5'' at the base

4'' height

All items are made by hand so actual size may vary. 

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Special Pyramid
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Primary Application(s)

Protection, home and living environment

Spiritual growth, personal development

Protection, home and living environment

Secondary Application(s)

Spiritual growth, personal development, health

Protection, home and living environment, health

Spiritual growth, personal development, health

Effective Range




Protects against harmful effects of EMF exposure
Transmutes negative energy fields into positive energy
Average Weight

0.4 kg

0.475 kg

1 kg

Average Size (Width X Height)

2.7" X 3.25"
7cm X 8cm

3.5" X 4"
9cm X 10cm

5.5" x 4.75"

14cm x 12cm



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