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Our devices are crafted following proven construction principles.
We've been crafting orgone generators for more than 10 years so we know what we're doing.

Created in 2018 and showcased in 2019. This pendant was inspired by the founder of Quebec Orgone. Cassandria DB, who loves the sea, the sand, the starfish and who has a profound passion for free diving. I took over the business when she started her competitive free diving career which required her to travel a lot in order to compete, she was a truly dedicated athlete and very serious about her practice. I wanted to honor her dedication by creating something unique that our orgone connaisseurs will benefit from, something magic and mystical that only a selected fews would get to experience and benefit from.


The copper spiral is oriented to direct energy from the inside to the outside, allowing the owner to manifest their potential in physical reality. On the inside we find a tiny double terminated crystal, a rose quartz and an amethyst. Like any of my luxury orgone products, metals shavings are the vital component of a real device and we have shiny gold leaf for aesthetic. A half sphere of lapis lazulie on the front face of the star to enhance the psychic abilities of the user and citrine for luck at the five points.


Only 9 exemplary of this limited edition were ever produced. 2 left


Data Sheet

Handcrafted by Lydiane with North American and International materials (Brazil, France, India and Uruguay). Showcased at RAW Montreal on September 21th 2019.

Weight 27 grams

Dimension 5cm x 5cm x 2cm / 2'' x 2'' x 0.8''

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