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Our devices are crafted following proven construction principles.
We've been crafting orgone generators for more than 10 years so we know what we're doing.

Perfect to protect you wherever you go, The Original Pendant is the most popular of our smaller pieces. Energy is often low in public spaces and if you are extra sensitive (whether you are conscious of it or not) that might result in anxiety and irritability, but be assured that you can now keep yourself grounded while even keeping the energy vampires away! With it's half sphere shape, the pendant lay perfectly flat on the chest and you can easily adjust the length of the rope to your convenience. The direction of the copper spiral is from the outside to the inside which means that all ambient negative energy is filtered by the pendant and redirected to the you in so you benefit from the positive output, rebalancing a normal energy flow of the meridians in the body and protecting you from the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiations. The Original Pendant is great for protection and healing and whatever pendant you will decide on, we find it's important to wear orgone protection close to the brain.

Data Sheet
The Original Pendant is built with non-toxic epoxy resin, brass shaving and aluminum shavings. On the inside we find chips of crystal quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. At the bottom on top of the copper spiral we find peridot (green - heart chakra) and at the bottom a garnet (red - sacral chakra). The rope is adjustable if you simultaneously pull on the two extremities (retract) or pull on both sides of the rope (extend).

Handcrafted in Montreal by Lydiane with North American and International materials (Brazil, India and Uruguay)

Dimension 4 cm x 4 cm x 1.5 cm / 1.5'' x 1.5'' x 0.6''
Weight 25 grams

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Primary Application(s)

Protection, spiritual growth

Self-Expression, Creativity

Compassion, Love, Understanding

Secondary Application(s)


Protection, Healing

Protection, Healing

Works from

The outside to the inside

The inside to the outside

The inside to the outside

Ideal for

All Purpose

Artists, Creatives, Teachers

Care-givers, parents

Protects against harmful effects of EMF exposure
Transmutes negative energy fields into positive energy
Average Size (Diameter X Thickness)

1.5" X 0.5"
3.5cm X 1.5cm

1.75" X 0.75"
4cm X 2cm

1" x 0.75"

2.5cm x 1.5cm


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