Enhanced Orgone HHG

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Our devices are crafted following proven construction principles.
We've been crafting orgone generators for more than 10 years so we know what we're doing.

Derived from the Quebec Orgone standard HHG (discontinued) but now with additional ingredients and new configuration, our enhanced Orgone HHG is based on the original Don Croft concept, with some improvement like the coil at the top, gold flakes and a special selection of gemstones to boost the love frequency. This HHG is ideal for indoor or interactive use. It’s also derived from the original Quebec Orgone HHG, the most affordable and versatile.

Really affordable, we are confident that this is the most powerful HHG on the market in this price range. 

At home, in the car or in the office, this Orgone HHG will neutralize negative energy. When placed near a computer or television, users experience a decrease in headaches and fatigue. Soothing and toning effects of orgonite are easily noticeable. Stressed people will be calmer. Several people report better sleep with an HHG nearby.

This is also a perfect solution to reduce or mitigate the harmful effects of exposure to EMF radiation from so-called "smart meters".

Height: 2.7" / 7cm Diameter at the base: 3.25" / 8 cm

All items are made by hand so actual size may vary. 

Compare our HHG Solutions

Enhanced HHG
Special Pyramid
Original Pyramid
Primary Application(s)

Protection, home and living environment

Spiritual growth, personal development

Protection, home and living environment

Secondary Application(s)

Spiritual growth, personal development, health

Protection, home and living environment, health

Spiritual growth, personal development, health

Effective Range




Protects against harmful effects of EMF exposure
Transmutes negative energy fields into positive energy
Average Weight

0.4 kg

0.475 kg

1 kg

Average Size (Width X Height)

2.7 X 3.5"
7cm X 8cm

3.5" X 4"
9cm X 10cm

5.5" x 4.75"

14cm x 12cm



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