Garden test 2004

Visible effects of orgonite devices on a garden

Here's an experience performed in 2004 with the help of my aunt. Each garden had, symetrically:

-6 italian tomato plants (roma)

-2 small cucumber plants

-1 regular cucumber plant

-1 yellow zucchini plant

4 TB's (one at each corner) and one HHG (in the middle) were placed in the orgonised garden.

The main reason why the right garden is twice bigger, in growth, than the control garden is because the ionizing field of a normal HHG is about 15 feet in diameter. This is where the orgonite is most effective.

-front-left = cucumber 
-front and middle right = small cucumbers
-center and behind = tomatoes
-behind left = zucchinis

-June 7 2004-

Staring the experiment. No difference obviously as the garden was just planted.

June 14 2004

One week later, no notable difference. White plastic bags are to scare the deers away.

July 15

5 weks after planting, the left garden produced a few deformed cucumbers, not shown on the picture.


Here we see a real difference between the two gardens; the plants in the right garden are greener, produce more flowers (therefore more vegetables) and the vegetables are better.

The left garden produces very few cucumbers, and those that grow are often deformed, coma-shaped. The small cucumber plants are starting to die in the left garden.

To this day, there seems to be more tomatoes (still green) in the right garden, although the tomatoes seem to rippen at the same rate on both sides. It's a really bad year for the zuccinis (not dry enough), but we can still see a difference in the color of the leaves (greener on the right).

This basket in the right picture (above) shows some specimens from the right garden. This variety of cucumbers usually reaches 8-10 inches. These easily reached 12-14 inches.

Le panier dans la photo de Droite (ci-haut) démontre quelques spécimens du jardin de droite. Cette variété de concombres se récolte normalement à 8 -10 pouces, ils ont atteint au moins 12-14 pouces.

-front-left = cucumber 
-front and middle right = small cucumbers
-center and behind = tomatoes
-behind left = zucchinis

This following is the best angle to really make a symetrical comparison

August 6


August 12

August 16

August 27

September 28

Many thanks to Nicole for taking the time to write a report and taking these pictures.

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