Visible effects of orgone on sprouts

Sample A : Exposed during the whole test to an average size orgone generator know as HHG. 

Sample B : Sample without orgonite in a 15 feet radius, but in the dark under same conditions as sample A.

We placed 20 grams of sprouting seeds in each pot as shown in the following pictures.




Added 200g of soaking water to each sample


Both samples side by side

After an 8 hour soaking period and 16 hours of initial growth, here's the first reading just before rinsing.

Sample A 54 grams with orgone

Sample B 49 grams

A 5 gram difference

24 hours afters first reading, right before rinsing

Sample A: +9g=64g

Sample B: +4g=53g


We now have an 11g difference between the two samples

24 hours later, before rinsing.

Sample A: +15g=79g

Sample B: + 4g=57g



Side by side


We can clearly see that sample A (exposed to orgonite) had better growth than sample B.

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