Visible effects of orgonite

This compilation of visible effects is meant to give the reader an idea of orgonite's energetic power, and add to the vast amount of already existing empirical evidence that shows us orgonite works. We can observe visible effets on plants, water, the sky and animal behavior. Also note that visible effects are only a small part of orgonite's genuine effects.


Vegetation These tests involving vegetals are comparisons between two plant samples, gardens or sprouts, one exposed to orgonite and the other left as is. On samples exposed to orgonite, we can observe an increase in growth between 50% and 100% and an overall reduction in parasites.


Ice These tests show some concrete visible effects of orgone energy on matter. By freezing water near an orgone generator, we can see beautiful stalagmites growing toward the device, which is not the case when water is frozen without orgone. When we freeze the devices alongside water, we can see interesting ice formations which seem to represent the shape of the device's energy field.



Atmospheric effects are cloud masses clearin above orgonite cloud-busters. These phenomenons occur when a cloud mass with a high level of negative energy makes its entry within range of a CB. These effects are much harder to properly depict with images, and only by observing it in real-time are we able to realize the power of this tool. We still think that these pictures are interesting enough to be featured here.





A great exemple of confirmation is when the sky clears right above an area where we just deployed orgonite. Of course, such an isolated event can be considered a proof or a confirmation in itself - after all many still believe in coincidences.

However, it's when such observations occur repeatedly and consistently, and are being reported by dozens, hundreds of individuals from all over the world that we can pay serious attention to them.