About us and our products


Founded in 2003 Quebec Orgone has established itself as a leading edge manufacturer of quality orgone devices. Over the years, we have perfected the art of orgone making and developped a unique selection of products, orgone pendants and orgone pyramids. We take great pride knowing that we are perceived as a genuine reference in this field, and we intent to continue making our expertise available to you for many years to come.

Our Mission:

1. Offer relevant information and resources to foster personal and collective empowerment.

2. Promote the distribution of orgonite, gifting and viable research backed by empirical evidence.

3. Offer a selection of the best orgone generators and energy tools available through our catalog.

About the catalog

All our products are crafted using quality NON-TOXIC EPOXY RESIN. This ensures that your devices will never feel sticky or keep giving off that typical smell of polyester resin you may be familiar with. Our products are intended for personal, indoor use, in the home, car or office so we feel that this is very important! There's no need to intoxicate yourself and your loved ones by exposing yourselves to toxic fumes. Polyester crafted orgone devices make wonderful tactical pieces to deploy outdoor, in the field, but when it comes to indoor use I'm sure you want the best stuff money can buy, don't you?

Orgone pyramids

We currently offer 2 different orgone pyramid models: the Original Orgone Pyramid HHG and the Special Orgone Pyramid HHG. We also carry a smaller more simple Enhanced Orgone HHG. Click on the product links or browse the catalog to find out more about these orgone generators and how they compare.

Orgone pendants

Our original orgone pendant has been a hit ever since we first made it available to the public in 2003. We're getting regular feedback from happy customers who have experienced the benefits or orgone energy with these smalll but powerful orgone pendants. 

More recently, we added two additional orgone pendants to our selection to better serve the needs of advanced energy workers. Browse the catalog to find out more about our orgone pendants.

Spreading awareness

​Over the years, we've collected a vast array of information about orgone energy and experiment results with orgone generators. We invite you to become familiar with orgone energy and see for yourself the visible effects of orgone generators to get a better understanding of this amazingly simple but effective technology.

Our expertise:

We take pride in crafting great looking devices, because we know most of you prefer an attractive look over that "plastic chunk" look typical orgonite has, given equal performance, of course! We strictly follow proven orgonite construction principles, and only offer products that have been tested to do what they are advertised to do! All our devices contain PROVEN mixes of gemstones. We're not into throwing a bunch of gemstones and additives into our creations, simply because it looks cool in the sales pitch! When it comes to gems and additives, more is not necessarely better.

Be warry of advertised units that contain an extensive list of gemstones that looks more like a mineral collector's list than a fair and balanced orgonite recipe, as some gemstones or additives do not necessarely mix well with each other. We only use top quality ingredients in all our devices. Our supplier list ranges from gemstone brokers in India to gold flakes distributor in Florida! We import most of our cristals directly from the mine in Arkansas, and charge them to full capacity prior to casting them in the devices. 

  • We were the first to spread information about orgone and orgonite in the french language (in 2003)
  • We were the first to offer orgone generators in Canada (in 2003)
  • We were the first to offer orgone generators made with epoxy resin (in 2004)
  • We were among the first vendors to offer orgonite pyramids (in 2004)

We're looking forward to build your quality, hand-made devices which we know you'll love. Thanks for your support!

“When we work with our hands we are craftsman. When we work with our minds we are technicians. When we work with our hearts we are professionals.” - Bill O'Brien