LP Zapper standalone

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Our devices are crafted following proven construction principles.
We've been crafting orgone generators for more than 10 years so we know what we're doing.

Quebec Orgone presents
The new low-power zapper for psionic applications

Our new zapper circuit offers the best battery consumption performance on the market, period! Up to a 15 month battery-life!

Forget AC or car lighter adaptors and rechargeable batteries. Change your batteries ONCE A YEAR.

The LP zapper is ideal to drive:

1) Succor punches
2) Powerwands
3) Radionic machines
4) Moebius coils embedded in orgonite creations

After months of research and development, we are pleased to announce the release of our new low-power zapper!

We completely redesigned the zapper circuitry to create a low-power consumption unit that works off two standard AA batteries.

Specifications: LP zapper AA version

Battery type: Two AA batteries
Output frequency: 15hz
Output connector: Female RCA jack
Input voltage: 3V
Current draw, with succor punch hooked: 0.25mA
Estimated battery life*: Up to 15 months
* Estimation based on Duracell 2850 mAh Procell batteries, cheaper batteries may last only 5 to 6 months.

Note: The LP zapper is not intended to be used as a healing device as per Hulda Clark’s protocols. The LP zapper is designed exclusively to power up psionic devices such as succor punches or powerwands.



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