All our orgone generator products are based on Wilhelm Reich's orgone theory. Orgone is also known as life energy, ch'i or prana. Unlike Reich's first devices which accumulated surrounding orgone, be it positive or negative, these generate a pure energy, transmutating negative energies into positive ones, hence their name "orgone generators". They are based on Don Croft's work who was inspired by Karl Welz who "borrowed" the basic principles from Franz Bardon's work in turn got his knowledge from ancient alchemists. Nowadays, major sources of negative orgone are cell phone towers, cell phones, computers, WIFI networks, smart meters, micro-waves, television receivers, electrical structures and installations, etc. Diseases, pollution and some people are also negative sources of orgone energy. All our devices are not only positive orgone sources, they also activate around negative source to purify the negative orgone automatically. By placing orgone generators in strategic locations throughout your home you'll contribute to re-establish a positive energy balance, heal yourself and create better living conditions for all to enjoy. The technology behind this everlasting source of positive orgone energy is called orgonite. Orgonite is the main ingredient used to build our products. It is a resin and metal matrix containing one or more crystal(s) and other energy catalysts.